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 Shift Claim, Weres & Shifters
 Posted: Mar 19 2014, 08:40 PM

Le Ruler

Shift Claim

If your character is a shifter/were, then you need to lay claim to their shift. We dont want to many of one animal. Expand your horizon. What we don't want to see, and wont accept are things like small insects/bugs, or small spiders. Lizards are fine but come one guys give me something good that someone isn't going to eat when your character irritates them some how. Pack animals are best, Big cats, Canines, and bears of course. Show us your creative choosing.

Caiden T. Delacroix shifts to a Black Jaguar.
Declan C. Driscoll shifts to a Red Deer.
Graham H. Honeybourne shifts to a Dire Wolf
Killian A. Donoghue shifts to a Irish Wolfhound.
Lothario T. Delacroix shifts to a Black Jaguar.
Roland C. Darkwater shifts to a Goliath Birdeating Spider
Aurora O. Hastings shifts to amargay
Bailey R. Peters shifts to agrey wolf.
Italia M. Rosi shifts to a African Leopard
Michaela A. Driscoll shifts to a red deer.
Nilin K. Greyson shifts to a Black Grey Wolf
Rozalina T. Crescentia shifts to a snowy owl.
Sierra J. Peters shifts to agrey wolf

<b>First M. Last</b> shifts to a <b>animal</b><br>
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