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 Questions and Suggestions
 Posted: Mar 23 2014, 06:42 PM

Le Ruler

Questions & Suggestions
We understand that sometimes things get confusing, or maybe we didn't answer something as well as we should have. That you may have questions concerning species or how something works on the site. What is or is not allowed and that something hasn't been covered. If so and you dont feel like private messaging one of the staff the questions please feel free to ask it here. Alternatively, if you have a suggestion for the site that you would like the staff to talk over, please feel free to do so here as well.

Vampire Questions
1. How is the Coven rule?
- - - The Coven is run by two main heads, The King and The Queen. They have equal power, those they choice to be their heirs gain the title of Prince or Princess. Keep in mind Vampires will not always chose an heir.

2. How many humans can vampires turn?
- - - Vampires can turn any number of humans into vampires.

3. What is the relationship that the turning has with the turned?
- - - Think of their relationship as a parent to a child. When the vampire turns the human they leave a bit of themselves inside their blood. Which means that the parent will know when they child is upset, or in danger.

4. Are humans considered pets to vampires?
- - - Humans are not pets to vampires, instead humans that wish to be brought over join in a Blood Bound contract with the vampires. Meaning that they become their lackey to do what they wish. If they do not betray the contract holder they are brought over.

5. What about the humans that just wish for pleasure of the bite?
- - - Those humans who wish for the bite are considered to be ladies of the night, even if they are male. They are not considered anything but feeding tools to the vampires who use them.

Were Questions

Shifter Questions

Human Questions

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