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 Posted: Mar 22 2014, 10:22 AM

Le Ruler



When registering, please make sure you register like so. First M. Last. Please, no characters with just first names, its not very hard to stick a last name onto it.
Please refrain from posting until after your character has been accepted, including in the claims other than just reserving a face.
Desdemona is a mature site, there will be violence, sex, bad words, death.... Please be aware of that. However threads that are more mature in nature please be sure to mark them with [M] so everyone knows what to expect other than a heavy PG-13/Light R rated threads.
Here at Desdemona there is no character cap, you can have as many as you can handle. However. You may only create two characters at the start, once they each have reached 20 in character, quality posts (meaning not all in communication please) you may create another, and so on and so forth.
To keep the genders even, for every two females you create we expect to see a male. Now here at Desdemona we will accept a lesbian female character as a male (if you are uncomfortable with playing men), and a gay male will be considered as a female character.
Once you are accepted. The first thing you should do, is hit the claims. Especially the face claim. If your playby has not been claimed, and someone else comes on board wanting said claim then by all fairness it belongs to them and the play by will be taken from you. So please to avoid any upset. CLAIM YOUR PLAYBY. Please no facebook hip kid playbys.
If you make a character, it has been approved by the staff and then you wish to change it. This character will be pending or a full Five days. It is a way to keep from everyone changing their character all at once.

First and foremost. No Godmodding. It will not be tolerated. If caught god-modding, you will be given two warnings. Fail to stop and we will suspend you from the site for a week. Continue to god-mod and we will ban you completely. It sounds harsh but no one likes someone controlling their character.
Activity, we know everyone has real lives. We don't expect the world. What we do expect is you to sign in a few times a week at least, and post at least one of those times you sign in. if you have something big going on then please post a message in the absence board so we know.
Activity checks will be held monthly. If you miss activity check we reserve the right to remove your claims, remove your character and send your application to the graveyard.
While there is no word count, we do encourage you to at least try to match the person you are posting with, or come close anyways. No one wants to get a 200 word reply to an 800 word post. We understand this isn't something that will always be a possibility, but please at least try.
Remember what happens in character, stays in character. Its all in fun, please do not take offense. If you dont like the way someones character reacts to your own then have your character avoid that character, or better yet.... have them become epic enemies.


Respect. Seriously. We dont want to see a bunch of drama on here, if we really wanted to see drama we'd watch lifetime okay? So please attempt not to bring it all on the site. If you have issues with any of the members, please PM a staffer and we will try to help resolve any issue. Avatar size is 200x400. We ask that there be no signatures on the boards. We are sorry if this displeases people but the coding will go ascrew.


Members should register their name, that way any guests or new members to the site do not have the same one causing confusion.
No advertising in the box. Seriously its just rude. Thats what we have advertising forums for. Do it there. If you have any questions please post them in the questions and suggestions thread located (insert link here).
Respect. Just like on the site, in threads.. Please be respectful in the box to all members and staff. We would hate to have to ban you from the box because you cant play nice.
Dont spam the box, Seriously no one wants to come on and see a bunch of things posted by one person in less than a minute. Plus, the box will automatically ban you if you do this so just, guys give it some time to cool.

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Pleas register in the IC box as follows. THE ICC BOX IS CHATROOM STYLE! For those who do not know how to use a tag box, the box is there for you to tag the other after a post if finished.
The staff has chosen MEL as our member of the month! We find that she is sweet, caring and nice with everyone on the site!
The leading lady in the Vampire Nation, Cass takes the Fagen Coven by storm. With a wall around her heart is considered to people as a badass woman. Someone who will rip the hearts of those around her, but to her loved ones she is sweet and caring. Just try and get on this viper vampires good side!
Another vampire captures the male of the month award! Salem is the top pick for the scariest thing alive! Watch out if he catches you in a dark alley you may end up being his dinner.
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