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 Plot & Setting
 Posted: Mar 22 2014, 09:16 AM

Le Ruler


Welcome to Desdemona. We are a current time, no word count, short application R rated/Mature supernatural role play set in and around New York City, New York. The real city that never sleeps, at least half of it anyways. Vampires own this town, at least the upper portions anyways. Humans are aware of their existence. Just as they are the shifters who tend to stick more to the outskirts rather than the city itself for the most part. The supernaturals came out of hiding little more than five years ago. There is an understanding between the wolves and the vampires. Its simply this. The wolves shall not bother the vampires so long as they do not kill humans, and the vampires wont bother the wolves so long as they're not sniffing around their neck of the woods. The humans are caught in the middle, though most don't seem to mind. Many seek out to be a donor for the vampires, some just for the euphoria of the bite, some in hopes to be turned into a creature of the night. Beautiful and Immortal. Others are disgusted by both the vampires and the wolves wanting to kill them all off fearing that eventually they will attempt to take over completely. They call themselves hunters.

Though most Vampires have given up their brutal, deadly ways there are still the ancient ones lingering in the dark. The one's whose hunger cannot be quenched by a simple sip, they need every drop. Refusing to play by the new rules and doing as they wish as they have for centuries causing the shaky balance between the species to become even more unstable with each kill of an innocent life. With the threat to the new way of life hanging on the edge, war is looming in the distance if they cannot find a way to coexist completely.

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